TEA CHAT 001 : 2012-02 Bema Select Tea Club
This is the eNewsletter dedicated to members of Bema Select Tea Club (BSTC), a Tea Lovers' Circle ~


Thank you for joining us at the 2012 Victoria Tea Festival! It was an incredible event which connects us and you, the true Tea Lovers.


You are receiving this eNewsletter because we would like to invite you to join BSTC, the Bema Select Tea Club. Being a BSTC member, you will be receiving:

(1) first hand notice of the arrival of each new batch of great Teas we select,

(2) the news and stories of the Tea we find,

(3) and the opportunities of attending the Tea Tasting and Sharing Party that we will hold in Vancouver or Victoria.


To confirm that you would love to be a member of the circle, simply reply to this email with a "Yes".


After receiving many requests, our web store is finally on its way. We would tentatively like to launch it before May or June ~ a good timing when the 2012 Spring Teas are ready to share with you ...


Yesterday, we were happy to hear the good news from the natural farm Tea Growers in Taiwan that the coming Spring Teas would be expected to be flavourful and charming because of sufficient rainfall...and we are very excited to make a trip to visit with them in late March in Taiwan for sample tasting. So, keep your fingers crossed and wait for our next notice ~