2014 Bema Seminars Notice ~
Here is the exciting news, make sure you mark the dates on your calendar for this summer ~ Bema will present you two excellent seminars this year!

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(1) 8/1 ~ 8/2

Topic: Tension Point Therapy (TPT)
講 座:肌肉起止點(非阿是穴)療法

Instructor: Dr. Larry HAN
講 授: 韓羅維 醫師

Language: English & Mandarin 中英雙語

CE Hours 再教育學分: 16
(2) 8/5 ~ 8/9

Topic: Expanded Use of Classic Formula with Dr. Huang Huang's Unique System
講 座:黃煌經方體質辨證學說與臨床應用

Instructor : Dr. Huang Huang
主 講:黃煌 教授

CE Hours 再教育學時 : 35 (or 7 per day)