TDP Far Infrared Therapy Lamp
TDP, which stands for the “Special Electromagnetic Spectrum” in Chinese, is the “miracle lamp” that adopted by many clinicians nowadays. Although not a complete replacement for the moxibustion therapy, it is an ideal alternative, as there is no drawback of smoke while providing the same beneficial heat energy similar to the conventional moxa treatment. TDP lamp’s proprietary mineral plate contains coating of 33 trace elements, capable of generating unique wavelength of Far Infrared Radiation (FIR), which is the safest segment of energy that emits from the sun. Researches show that FIR could promote microcirculation and peripheral blood flow, just like capturing the therapeutic benefits of the solar energy. There is a wide range of health benefits, such as enhancing the circulation, providing pain alleviation and inflammation relief, skin revitalization, sleep modulation and etc.

To bring the TDP healing experience to your practice, Bema Med Supplies department carries a selection of choices, including the single large head and the double heads floor model, which not only covering more surface area, but also offering better efficacy and flexibility during treatment. If there are any questions regarding our products, please feel free to inquire by email or phone 604-982-9198 .

TDP 神燈 現貨供應中
Bema 醫療器材部,現貨供應符合加拿大衛生部與FDA認證之TDP神燈,有單立式與雙立式兩種。平價供應若有需求歡迎致電。