Introducing the 164G & 181S: enhanced hydro-gel & tincture for the Bema PhytoTopical family
PhytoTopical® are pure TCM herb-based botanical topicals that are completely natural and free of steroids, drugs, animal ingredients, preservatives, and artificial fragrances or coloring agents.


It is developed after years of research combining with modern formulation and is designed into tincture, hydro-gel, ointment, and lotion forms for different dermatology ailments.






PhytoTopical 164G



Ginko biloba

Angelicae Sinensis

Dioscorea Rhizome

Glycyrrhizae Radix



On top of the existing 161K hydro-gel, the 164G is enhanced with the addition of Ginko to improve blood circulation & the smoothness of skin. The proprietary herbal formulated hydro-gel is both refreshing & easy on the face, pores & scalp, dedicating for the sensitive skin & mucous areas. It is recommended for atopic dermatitis, diaper rash, skin ulcer, photo dermatitis, or irritation due to radiation therapy.







Phytotopical 181S 



Angelicae Sinensis Radix

Scutellariae Radix

Dioscorea Rhizome

Folium Isatidis

Glycyrrhizae Radix


Comparing to the 150H, which is our first line tincture for stopping the itchiness, the 181S is fortified with Dang-Gui, Shan-Yao, & Ban-Lan-Gen, which could not only quickly penetrate the skin, forming a protective coating, but also enhancing the antipruritic & anti-inflammatory properties. It is recommended for irritated or allergic skin conditions, scalp  folliculitis, acne, angular stomatitis, bug bites,  burns…etc. 




Limited Time Offer: 05/29~06/11

164G(1/6oz)+Free shipping* on every $300 purchase of the PhytoTopical products


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You are welcome to contact us with case studies regarding the use of PhytoTopicals. The professional TCM doctors at BEMA Team will gladly provide you with the best PhytoTopical protocols and recommendations.

純中藥漢方的「Bema Phytotopical」系列皮膚外用藥,相信許多醫師好朋友在試過其療效後,均對它完美的治療效果,給予高度的評價.