Back to School Sale
Great news:

Back-to-School sale on all your acupuncture needle supplies!

Promotional period: Aug 28th to Sep 10th for two week only =]


On any acupuncture needles order above $300 (mix & match), we will provide a discount rate of up to 35%!


Promotional details:


TaiYi T1:

MSRP $4.50, Sales price $2.85*(tax), 100 needles/box, with individual guide tube;


TaiYi T5:

MSRP $18.00, Sales price $13.50*(tax), 500 needles/box, 5 needles per guide tube;


TaiYi T10:

MSRP $16.00, Sales price $12.00*(tax), 500 needles/box, 10 needles per guide tube.


* Promotional offer does not apply to specialty  100mm length needles ( 4.0 cun needles)


Hurry up while supplies last!







TAIYI 针灸针優惠促銷開始了.




凡訂購TAIYI針,不論是T1、T5或T10,混搭訂購金額滿300元(未稅),即享特價優惠如下,最高可享超過35% OFF 折扣優惠:


TAIYI T1  原價一盒$4.5,特惠價 $2.85*(未稅)- 一盒100支針裝,一针一管

TAIYI T5  原價一盒$18,特惠價 $13.5*(未稅)- 一盒500支針裝,五針一管

TAIYI T10 原價一盒$16,特惠價 $12*  (未稅)- 一盒500支針裝,十針一管