Reminder: 2018 San Jiu Tie Celestial Moxa Patches for the Winter Solstice
Dear doctors and friends of Bema,

This year's San Jiu Tie application dates are coming soon (12/22, 12/31, 1/9). As everyone is busy wrapping-up for the year-end and preparing for the holidays, a gentle reminder that the first day for Winter San Jiu Tie is coming up on Dec. 22.

San Jiu Tie works as a compliment to the summer San Fu Tie, strengthening the body's Yang energy during its lowest, thereby helping to regulate the immune functions and prevent spring-time ailments such as common cold or allergies.

You can receive a FREE San Jiu Tie promotional poster when you order one set; if you order 3 or more sets, standard local shipping is FREE. (Delivery to other areas will receive the equivalent amount discount.)

Happy holidays!