BEMA Med Supplies on sale
Dear doctors/practitioners and friends of Bema,

BEMA Botanicals has been proudly serving the North American community for 16 years with high quality herbal selection and TCM dispensary service.


For the past year and half, we have been strengthening our
new Medical Supplies product line with not only your daily therapeutic needs such as the TDP lamps, acupuncture and moxibustion supplies, but also consumable materials such as the cotton balls, alcohol swabs, exam table sheets/rolls…etc.


We also carry educational tools, including a variety of acupoint models and exclusive Master Tung’s Acupuncture books written by Dr. Wei-Chieh Young.



Promotional Detail:

From Jan 15~28th, for every order on clinical supplies above $200, we will include a box of Smokeless Moxa Rolls (5pcs/box) as a free gift (while supplies last)