5/11 ~ 12 One Needle Therapy for Pain and Female Diseases (16 Hours English & Mandarin)

Summarized from 40 years of clinical experiences, Dr. Young will teach what is his primary needle to use in treating all kinds of pain as well as various female diseases. This would combined the knowledge of Tung's Extra Points, 14 Meridian points and Dr. Young's private clinical findings.

This is the course you should never miss! 



After more than 40 years of clinical practice, Dr. Young has summarized from real cases that there is a "Primary" point for treating different kind of female diseases, and different area of Pain, especially sport injuries. Quite sometime, just apply this "primary point", about 70~80% of casese will feel improvement instantly. These precious expereinces comes from the combination of regular 14 meridians system, the classic literature, Tung's extraordianry system, and Dr. Young's personal clinical findings.




This is the first time that Dr. Young has agreed to offer this teaching in foreign country, you will definately elevate your practice skills after taking this 16 hours solid training! 





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