From Michael Phelps to the NBA: Cupping bruises are popping up everywhere
In western civilization, such as ancient Babylon, ancient Rome and ancient Greece, the use of a suction cup as a medical modality was common. This is probably why “Ba Guan” is known under the name of “Cupping” in western society. In eastern civilization, there is literature on Ba Guan treatment since the Han Dynasty. —Bou Shu- Prescriptions of fifty-two diseases

For a long time, western medical doctors have lots of misunderstanding toward traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Lots of questions about the clinical effect of TCM, western medical doctors believed that TCM treatment effect is a result of a positive placebo effect. For the past few years, more and more research papers done by western countries about the efficacy of TCM treatment, more people are willing to try TCM treatment.


From a biomedical standpoint, cupping will stretch the muscle and connective tissue while increasing space between the skin, the fascia, and the muscles. With a stronger cupping suction, the space between muscles will be increased and the created suction will break up the adhesion between muscle, fascia, and skin. Cupping can effectively treat muscle pain and increase blood flow.


Although the Western medical community still has a lot of distrust and disapproval of the treatment effectiveness of cupping, the athletes in the West are convinced of the effect of cupping, and willing to use this treatment.


The famous swimmer, Michael Phelps has addressed several times to the media about his cupping treatment: Cupping is very effective on me, it helps to relax the stress on my shoulder and my legs, it’s like a quick message for 5 minutes, I like cupping. We can see his cupping marks when he participates in different competitions. 


LeBron James, the famous NBA basketball player, openly stated that the long-term use of cupping therapy has a big influence on his performance. This created a trend among NBA basketball players.


Great NFL football player, Akeem Spence, had an amazing muscle recovery with cupping treatment, he believed that cupping makes him feel more energetic and feel much younger. From a gold medal recipient, Aly Raisman to a Broadway performer, Amber Ardolino; they all used cupping as a recovery treatment or a rehabilitation treatment. More and more celebrities from the west, start to accept and enjoy the great effect of cupping.


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其實在西方,早在古巴比倫,古羅馬,古希臘時代就有著拔罐療法的記載。不過在西方古醫學中,拔罐被稱為吸杯,也許這就是拔罐英文名 cupping 的由來。而東方早在西漢時期,帛書《五十二病方》就有關於拔罐療法的記載。