2019 San Fu Tie early bird sale is starting now
2019 San Fu Tie early bird sale is starting now

San Fu Days Schedule: 2019-07-12、2019-07-22、2019-08-11.

The Chinese medicine San Fu Tie service has gradually expanded over the past few years. We are thankful to the doctors and friends of Bema that have recommended and promoted this product to others, enabling more people to understand the benefits of San Fu Tie.

According to past experiences, having posters placed early in your clinics will help your patients better plan for appointments and allow you more time to prepare needed materials. This should help maximize the number of patients you can accept this summer.

For the month of May, Bema wishes to help fellow practitioners prepare for the coming summer. Use the provided posters to advertise this service in your clinics. Don't hesitate to take advantage of this promotion. If you haven't joined us yet, now is your chance to do so!




Before the end of June: 

(1) Buy 3 or more San Fu Tie kits:

Free local standard shipping to those in the Greater Vancouver Regional District (If you are outside of the GVRD, a comparable shipping discount will be applied).


One free copy of the English and Chinese posters.


(2) Buy 1 San Fu Tie kit:


One free copy of the English or Chinese poster (You may only choose one).

Place the poster in noticeable areas to advertise this service to your clients.





Kind Remarks:


Last year, few practitioners mentioned that some patient wanted to increase the treatment efficacy by keeping the patch after the Two hour recommended time. It is correct to do so since the celestial moxa patch is using the direct contact of the skin in order to let the body to absorb the potency through the acupoint. By absorbing the active ingredient of the herbal patch, the body will be able to return to a balance state of ying and yang, bosting the immune system and chasing the coldness out of the body.

The composition of the patch does contain ingredient that will stimulate the pores on patient’s skin. This stimulation may cause irritation. On those patient who have a more sensitive skin, a longer treatment may caused some redness and swelling, some can feel stinging sensation. An extensive application can even cause blister on the patient. BEMA want to remind all practitioners who offer the celestial moxa path treatment to kindly remind your patient that during the course of treatment, if the stinging sensation become too strong, it is advised to remove the patch and let the skin rest.

Although the celestial moxa patch treatment is very safe, there are still some cautions and counter-indications: Patient under acute asthma attack, fever, sore throat, infant under years of two, pregnant woman, pneumonia, sever cardiac insufficiency, diabetic patient, malignant tumor, G6PD deficient patient and sever skin sensitivity patient.

In order to help practitioner to remind their patient, BEMA had provided information card in every celestial moxa patch kit. On the information card, general recommendations are printed. Please remember to go over those recommendations and answer any questions from your patients. It is recommended to let the patient sings a consent form for the treatment of moxa patch and that the patient have acknowledge the information written on the card.




Special Recommendation:

High Quality Moxa – San Fu moxibustion treatment

The celestial day of San Fu, are the warmest days during the summer. On the San Fu days, the Yang Qi is at its highest peak of the year. The Yang Qi on Earth will be resonating with the Yang Qi within the human body, it will activate the pores and move the Qi and Blood inside of the body. Ai Ye (mugwort leaf) is a pure Yang herb. When applying the San Fu moxibustion treatment during the upmost Yang days of the year, the Ai Ye will induce the three level Yang Qi into the body, penetrating the meridian and reach to the pathogen within the body and treat the hard-logged cold pathogen. By warming the meridian, activate the movement of Qi and Blood, expelling the cold and damp. The treatment of cold disease during the summer time will be achieved. Hence, many practitioners will choose to apply San Fu moxibustion treatment during the San Fu Days. Bema recommend you, our high-quality moxa stick, 100% natural moxa, with humidity less then 13%, the density of the moxa is 30:1. Hand crafted. The smell of the fume is pleasant. It would be a good choice for your moxibustion treatment.





2019 BEMA 三伏貼,早鳥方案起跑嘍 !
溫馨提醒您:2019 夏季 三伏貼的貼敷日期分別是: 初伏 2019-07-12、中伏 2019-07-22、末伏 2019-08-11. 加強貼 2019-08-21(為方便安排療程,前後鄰近日期亦見良效!)