2019 TaiYi Acupuncture needle boxing day sale
Dear Bema members,

boxing day clearance sales on selected TaiYi Acupuncture supplies for 2 weeks only!

Promotion Details:

From December 20 ~ January 2,
-T1 (100 needles/box)*, MSRP $4.5, is now $3.25(tax included);
-T5 (500 needles/box)**, MSRP $18, is now $13.5(tax included);


* T1 availability: "0.20*13mm" (expiry date Aug 2020) ;

** T5 availability: please see the chart below; minimal purchase 10 boxes per order (expiry date Aug 2020) ;


Limited quanties avaliable, special discount only applicable to in stock items