During the flu season, don’t forget to protect yourself and wash your hands frequently.
With the influenza virus and New Coronavirus ravaging the world. Bema reminds all my dear doctors and friends:

Coronavirus infections in humans are mainly expressed by respiratory symptoms, including nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, and fever.

The recommended precautions are the same as for other respiratory infections, including frequent hand washing and proper management of possible airborne transitions and contact transmission.

As doctors and colleagues in the front line, during this period, in addition to helping patients relieve their illness, don't forget to pay attention to their own protection. If you encounter a patient with a similar situation of upper respiratory tract infection, remember to wear a mask to protect yourself and wash your hands. Also, use alcohol to disinfect the used devices and environment.

Here are some common flu treatments for influenza and upper respiratory tract infection:

Yu ping feng San: Indications are the symptoms of spontaneous perspiration, wind evil, pale complexion, pale tongue, white fur, soft pulses, or physical weakness that is susceptible to wind evil.

Bai He Gu Jin Decoction: Indication for lung and kidney yin deficiency, deficiency fire and inflammation. Dry throat, pain, cough, asthma, bloody sputum, Five-Palm Heat, red tongue, and less moss, pulse count

Sang Ju yin: Indication of an exogenous wind-heat syndrome. Cough, slight sore throat, slightly thirsty, high body temperature, red tongue tip, thin white fur, and floating pulse.

Pu ji xiao du yin Indications: big head plague. Aversion to cold, fever, redness, swelling and pain in the head and face, dry tongue, thirst, red tongue, yellow fur, and strong pulses.

There is more formulas and single herbs that we can provide you to complete your treatment. Here is the Link!

Bema would like to remind everyone that the winter promotion will end in two days, and I hope that everyone will pay more attention to their protection during this period. A healthy body can help more patients in need, let’s go through this difficult moment together.