Winter health therapy & tips
TCM health care is the key to longevity, and practitioners traditionally pay close attention to the seasonal changes, especially during winter time.
Winter is Yin, and the human body is affected by the weather as it is easy to be attacked by cold pathogenic evil. Chinese medicine theory believes that tonifying and preserving the Yang Qi, is the principle guideline to achieve optimal health in winter.

Winter health therapy & tips:

1. Moxibustion therapy: 5 Years Moxa Rolls

In the external TCM therapeutic method, moxibustion is especially important in tonifying the Yang Qi. Moxa, or mugwort, is a rare herb in Chinese medicine that can travel through the twelve meridians. The heat generated from burning of mugwort can warm the channels, activating the Qi and blood, thereby dispelling the cold and dehumidifying dampness, and driving away the evil spirits in the meridians.

  1. Moxa RN8:  strengthen the primordial Yang Qi in the body;
  2. Moxa RN4:  tonify the Yuan Qi, replenish the lower Jiao;
  3. Moxa RN6:  cultivate the vital energy, benefit kidney and solidify essence, replenish Yang Qi;
  4. Moxa UB62: prevent cold and flu, strengthen the Yang Qi and boost immunity.


2. Celestial Moxa therapy: San Jiu Tie patches

San Jiu Tie is most ideal for treating common winter ills such as hay fever, allergic rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, asthma, and allergies. This is suitable for individuals with a deficient and cold body constitution, who commonly notice aversion to cold, aversion to wind, or is prone to catching colds frequently during the winter cold seasons. Clinical research shows that after 3 consecutive years of application, 80% of patients experience reduced occurrences of cold/flu in the winter and improved relief from allergies and hay fever during the spring season. However, for those who have sensitive skin or are allergic to herbs, it is recommended to use moxibustion. The two complement each other well in clinical conditions.

  1. SJT GV14:  strengthen Yang Qi in the body;
  2. SJT SP6:  tonify the Liver, Spleen, and Kidney channels, warm the meridians;
  3. SJT RN6:  regulate the RenMai & ChongMai, preserve Yuan Qi, warm the channels & alleviate pain;
  4. SJT UB13: dispel cold evil in the lungs;
  5. SJT UB23: stop coughing by bringing the Qi downward;
  6. SJT ST36:  tonify Qi and boost energy level;
  7. SJT ST25:  tonigy spleen and move the bowels


3. TDP: Far Infrared Therapy Lamp

TDP, which stands for the “Special Electromagnetic Spectrum” in Chinese, is the “miracle lamp” that adopted by many clinicians nowadays. Although not a complete replacement for the moxibustion therapy, it is an ideal alternative, as there is no drawback of smoke while providing the same beneficial heat energy similar to the conventional moxa treatment. TDP lamp’s proprietary mineral plate contains coating of 33 trace elements, capable of generating unique wavelength of Far Infrared Radiation (FIR), which is the safest segment of energy that emits from the sun. Researches show that FIR could promote microcirculation and peripheral blood flow, just like capturing the therapeutic benefits of the solar energy. There is a wide range of health benefits, such as enhancing the circulation, providing pain alleviation and inflammation relief, skin revitalization, sleep modulation and etc. 



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