SUN TEN台灣順天堂RespireAid (NRICM101) 清冠壹號 Pre-order is available!
Traditional Chinese medicinal formulation 清冠一號, RespireAid(NRICM101)

First traditional Chinese medicine formulation which can treat externally contracted seasonal epidemic

Pre-order is available this Friday on December 18th.

In response to the global pandemic, Taiwan’s Tri-Service General Hospital (TSGH) and the National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine (NRICM) have teamed up in order to cooperatively develop an effective herbal formulation that will help those suffering from externally contracted seasonal epidemic.


Taiwan successfully dealt with SARS, the last major global epidemic, seventeen years ago, during which Taiwan’s public health policies along with their medical interventions managed to keep the public safe. To date, Taiwan has continued to manage the current global pandemic effectively. In light of their successes, Taiwan has now applied their experiences and medical expertise to develop a nationally acclaimed traditional Chinese medicinal formulation 清冠一號, named RespireAid.


RespireAid consists of 10 herbal medicinals that have been chosen carefully based on the Traditional Chinese materia medica, their history of therapeutic effectiveness for contagious diseases historically, and their ability to reduce the symptoms and therapeutically address the pathological mechanism that 外感時疫(externally contracted seasonal epidemic) presents. In order to test its effectiveness, RespireAid has been dispensed to patients who have tested positive and hospitalized with 外感時疫 (externally contracted seasonal epidemic) .


Medical reports indicate that the patients who received RespireAid experienced significant relief from their symptoms as well as the recovery from palpitations and high blood pressure associated with the infection. The medical team observed that the formula helped prevent the illness from getting worse, promoted recovery, reduced the chance of returning positive, and prevented complications such as pulmonary fibrosis.


According to traditional Chinese medical theory, RespireAid possesses the following therapeutic actions:

*release the exterior and diffuse the lung

*clear heat and detoxify

*open and soothe the chest

*dispel phlegm

*downbear qi and harmonize the stomach



Take 1 sachet (5g) 2~4 times daily (every 4 hours) directly or with 400cc water before or between meals.

Take 1 sachet (5g) one time per day for prevention.

*For children, take half of the adult dose.


Method 1

Dissolve the granules with

200~400cc cold water and drink

(Not limited to the use of either cold or hot water.)


Method 2

Swallow the granules dry,and wash down with water

*The tiny white crystals found in RespireAid occur as a completely natural phenomenon (during the manufacturing process)


Cautions and warnings:

-Pregnancy or when breastfeeding should consult with their doctor prior to ingestion.
-Avoid icy cold drinks and foods

-Avoid spicy foods and drinks

-Avoid greasy food

-Wait to take at least 2 hours after taking other medications.

-Children and those with a chronic disease should consult with their doctor prior to ingestion.



This product is a special manufactured item. It does not contain corn starch, can be dissolved in the cold water completely. It can also be poured into the mouth and swallowed. Natural herbs, slightly cool smell, good taste. No side effects. Does not contain ephedra, aconite or asarum.


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RespireAid (NRICM101)
SUN TEN順天堂清冠一號







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