Last 3 days left! Sale reminder! Bema - Year of the Ox - Big festival sale is coming!
Happy Chinese OX New year of 2021!

Winter Sale! BEMA is coming up!

From Feb 6th to February 22th, our Seasonal Festival Promotion is On. Don’t miss out ~

Enjoy the 10% limited time discount on all the bottle orders (granules), and purchase 5 bottles of our PhytoResonance Herbal Massage Oils with your $500 orders (before tax) to eligible for the free local shipping or $10 shipping discount for other area! Check the details of the promotions below. (one time purchase only)
Our Seasonal promotion happened to coincide with the Chinese New Year this year~ The BEMA team wants to take the opportunity to wish you a Happy Chinese New year, and Prosperity over the upcoming Metal Ox Year.


We want to warmly remind everyone to take good care of themselves while busy treating patients and to spend good time with your family and loved ones.

Wish everyone Health, Happiness, Prosperity!


Winter Seasonal Promotion:

Feb 6 - Feb 22, 2021


For limited time only, you can save 10% on all Concentrated TCM Granules. Be sure to stock up for this chilly winter season!(one time purchase ONLY)


But that’s not all, we’re also offering Free Local Shipping or $10 Discount Worldwide Shipping if you order over $500 (before tax) PLUS order 5 bottles of our PhytoResonance herbal massage oils. Don’t pass up on this opportunity to enhance your massage treatments.

Don’t wait too long as this sale ends Monday on Feb 22th.