Case 2: Seasonal Eczema

Patient Ms. L develops eczema outbreaks around her wrist during seasonal climate changes.
Major affected area: Wrist

Treatment duration with Bema PhytoTopical: 3 months

Treatment protocol: apply Bema 150H (tincture) first, then follow with 168R (topical)

Oral intake medicine: AllerSolve (2 capsules each time, 1 time per day for the 1 month; followed with 1 capsule each time, once per day for the remainder time)

案例二:李小姐因季節性氣候改變,加上身體內部積聚濕熱之氣,免疫系統失調,引起手腕部位濕疹 (患者部位:手腕。整體療程:3個月。外用藥:Bema 168R、150H。內服藥:AllerSolve)