Bema Support Fx

  • Bema’s Allergy Support is our all natural and botanical solution for allergy, especially allergic rhinitis/hay fever
  • For centuries, enjoyed exclusively by the Chinese emperor and the highest officials of the royal court, Cordyceps is placed at the very top of honoured herbal compendia by ancient sages and
    modern scribes alike.
  • Unleash the health-giving power
    of 3 Miraculous Mushrooms
  • COFLU SUPPORT is specially designed to help treat patients that are sensitive to the rapidly changing temperatures brought about by the new season.
  • Integrated and holistic treatment of pain is a progressive process, however, the hassle and stress of the much helpful frequent visits are often not available or practical. The treatment thus easily becomes hindered and prolonged. Bema’s featured Pain Support is for you and your patients’ convenience!
  • The “Lunar Support” line is a serie of 8 TCM formulas for your clinical
    consideration in treating infertility & menstrual disorders.