Jade Oolong

Sweet aroma with an orchid fragrance with a strong infusion.


This oolong tea from the mountainous region of Nantou/ Taiwan, has a fresh, clear and golden yello infusion. Its flowery aroma, which is reminiscent of lilacs, is cherished by oolong tea lovers across the globe.

The rolled leaves and connected stem unfurl slowly, revealing a new character with each subsequent infusion.


Unlike its dark brethren, the Jade Oolong tea looks almost green in appearance with large, hand-rolled leaves. Once infused, these unfurl to release this tea's delicate notes, exquisite flavour and enchanting fragrance.

We truly believe this natural farming Taiwan Jade Oolong Tea from RIVER DELIGHTSTM is sure to become your favourite once you have taste the first sip.


Features of River DelightsTM Jade Oolong:


  • Leaf color: Light green
  • Brewed tea color: Yellow-gold
  • Aroma: Faint hint of fresh fragrance of Jasmine or white Michelia
  • Taste: Sweet flora aroma with roasted undertones, brief tartness as the initial flavor, and a wondrously sweet, pure aftertaste which lasts long after a sip